Grand Bahama Island Activities

Grand Bahama Island Activities

If you can drag yourself away from the serenity of Old Bahama Bay, there are many beautiful and fun things to do on Grand Bahama Island. Activities on the island can be as relaxing or as energetic as you like. If you love to sit on the beach then there are miles of glorious sun drenched beaches for you to enjoy.  There's duty-free and folk art shopping at the Port Lucaya Marketplace. Numerous restaurants offer varying ethnic cuisines. There is nightly live entertainment and the famous Dolphin Experience. Organized tours and individual trips and transportation can be arranged at the Activities Hut next to Teaser's.  Most tours require 24 hour advance notice.

Island Tours

Old Bahama Bay has teamed up with an exceptional local tour provider to be able to offer our guests the best of Grand Bahama Island.  Tours can be arranged through our Activities Department and include:

Eastern Heritage and Cultural Tour (sightseeing) - Go back in time as you tour one of our quaint and picturesque communities. Briefly visit the burial site of our indigenous people at the Lucayan National Park... Learn about the history of the Freed Slaves dating back to 1834 as we drive through the settlement of Freetown. We also visit the actual site where Pirates of The Caribbean 2 and 3 were filmed. Great for the whole family.

Western Eco & Sightseeing Tour - The best way to explore the western communities of Grand Bahama! Visit one of the islands natural wonders, a cavern near the ocean said to be explored by Jacque Cousteau. Visit the largest settlement and coastal community of Eight Mile Rock. Explore Josey’s Cave and snorkel a nearby reef frequented by pirates during the 1600s.

GB Day Away - A one of a kind experience! Take a short boat ride over shallow crystal clear waters to your own private, secluded island. While there experience a day of snorkeling, sunbathing, and relaxing. Also learn how to dive for one of our staple foods conch, or catch a fish like the locals do. If you catch it we will show you how we prepare it locally. Observe birds nesting or fishing in nearby mangroves.

City / Country Tour - Learn how the modern city of Freeport with all of its first class features came about just a few years ago with its great infrastructure and modern charm. Shop in Lucaya at one of the island’s most popular tourist attraction, Port Lucaya Marketplace, 10 acres of duty free shopping, bars, and restaurants surrounded by a mega-yacht marina.


Golf is currently not available at the Old Bahama Bay Resort; however there are championship golf courses within 30 miles. The courses wind their way through the indigenous forest providing challenging, if not forgiving, rounds of golf. Transportation and arrangements can be made through the Activities Hut next to Teaser's.


Freeport - By Caribbean standards, Freeport has an extensive array of stores. There are three supermarkets, as well as furniture stores, hardware stores, lumberyards, car parts (NAPA dealership), etc.

Lucaya - The Port Lucaya Marketplace is the hub of Lucaya, offering fine dining, boutiques, jewelry stores, native items and evening entertainment in the Count Basie Square, such as fire and limbo dancing, and is 30 miles from West End.

West End - The retail merchandise in West End is limited at this time. There are several local convenience and liquor stores stocked with limited provisions for cruising or for the in-room kitchenette.

Eight Mile Rock - Approximately 15 miles from West End is Eight Mile Rock. It has substantially more shopping and features a large supermarket, laundry facility, dry cleaners, and other assorted stores.

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